1) "Is this tournament open to all countries?" Yes, we allow people from all countries to play, however the person hosting the lobby must host on a mainland server(North America, Europe, Asia, Oceanic).

2) "How do I know if I am confirmed for entry?" If your payment and order went through successfully, you will receive email confirmation along with an Order #. If not, please contact us for further assistance.

3) "Is the prize pool guaranteed?" Yes! All stated prize pools are guaranteed.

4) "When is the deadline to sign up?" We have sign-ups open all the way until the start time of the tournament.

5) "What if our team K/D goes over the cap after we register, do we have to move up a division?" No, as long your team total K/D is under the division K/D cap upon registration your team will remain in the division registered. 

6) "How do we check-in?" Check-in opens 1 hour prior to tournament start time and is accessed through the Discord app. 

7) "Do I need to stream our gameplay?" Read our Rules page for specific instructions regarding streaming.